Twitter Borrows Trump’s Obamacare Strategy: ‘Impeach Now, Replace Later’

People on Twitter are furious about PresidentDonald Trumps latest floated plan to get rid of Obamacare by simply killing it now and replacing it at a later date.But Twitter wags didnt discount the strategy entirely. They thought it might work for Trump himself:Impeach now, replace later.

The new meme got a boost after Trump bared his idea Friday for destroying Obamacare in the face of mounting oppositionto the Senate version of Trumpcare to replace it.

The proposal was blasted by those who fear millions more would be left without health insurance coverage, facing illness and possibly even death while D.C. politicians dithered.

But that gave people an idea. If repeal immediately and replace whenever was backed by the president, maybe that strategy could be used on him.

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