iWeb – Up “2017 Soca” (Red Boyz Music) (Barbados)

iWeb - Up "2017 Soca" (Red Boyz Music) (Barbados)

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Whatever your chosen path in life may be, you must constantly be on a quest to better yourself and others in the process. Water Street Boyz and De Red Boyz combined to put this ideology of positivity into a sweet sounding musical masterpiece which captures the plight of the rich, poor, healthy and sick. This feel good track is sure to keep you bouncing on your good days and inspire and help you to refocus on your not so good ones. Happy Crop Over!

Performed by iWeb
Written by Water Street Boyz
Produced by De Red Boyz
Background Vocals by Indra Rudder, Ian Webster and Scott Galt
Mixed by Anthony Lowhar for Commercial Music Inc
Mastered by Alex Psaroudakis

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