Harmony CBD Pain Relief Vape 100mg and 600mg

Harmony CBD Pain Relief Vape 100mg and 600mg

In this video I take a look at the Kanabox sent to me by Lucie at meetharmony.com
The box contained three juices of which 2 are 3mg nicotine and one is zero nicotine. Two of them are also 100mg CBD and the other is 600mg CBD. Mango Kush, Lemon Haze and OG Kush
CBD is the pain relief element of the cannabis plants gift to mankind and you wont get 'stoned' on it - for that you need the THC.

The lemon one was nice and lemony and not too overpowering, the mango was a bit light on mango flavour and the OG kush had no specific flavour. All 3 had the same green/herby undertone which was very pleasant, all 3 are ADV to be honest but at up to £90 for 10ml I doubt that will be a problem for most!

Time will tell if it works and I'll update the description here with my experiences of the beneficial effects of CBD on my arthritis

Lab Bottles here

Juices Available 10ml £3, 30ml £6, 50ml £9 100ml £18 250ml £40
Sister Agatha Sicilian Cheesecake
The Colonels Tobilla - Smooth vanilla and tobacco
Sparkleberry by The Kid - various berries
Miss Honey Dew's China Palace - Lychee and magic
Bah Nah Nah Dream by the Kid - banana cream caramel
Rubus Black - blackberry tobacco
The Colonel's Horcheluxe - Horchata and creamy custard
Marathon by the Kid - Chocolate, caramel and peanut
Citrus Blast - Citrus with menthol
Pandora - strawberries, apples and candy
Ganymede - Peaches and vanilla icecream - available as MAX VG too
Io - Apple, candyfloss and mint
Callisto - Melonfest and candy floss
Pluto - Melon mojito!
Montecristo - Havana cigar flavour
Red Honey - Lighter and sweeter cigar
Premium Marl - Golden tobacco cigarette flavour
Best Custard - says it all really - available as MAX VG too
Peach Yoghurt - fresh peachy taste with soft but tarty yoghurt
Strawberry Yoghurt - as above but sweet and ripe strawberries
Europa - Raspberry ripple icecream!
Bloob - Blueberry with light menthol
Horcheluxe - Vanilla and smooth horchata
Midnight Mint - Smooth chocolate, mint and delicate coconut
Strawberry Bliss - Strawberries, Kiwi and icecream available as MAX VG too
Berry Kicker - Multitude of berries with menthol, eucalyptus and magic!
Lemonyptus - Nasal clearing eucalyptus with lemon
Straw Muffin - Unmistakable taste of soft muffin with strawberry available as MAX VG too

Also available as a one shot concentrate - mix your own at home!

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