Gun Review: Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

Gun Review: Beretta 1301 Tactical Shotgun

Checking out Beretta's 1301 Shotgun in 12 gauge, Tactical flavor (also available in Comp). This is a very lightweight, fast-shooting semi-auto shotty with an 18.5" barrel, Tritium ghost ring sights, and oversized controls (charging handle, bolt release, and safety). Made for defensive and police / tactical use.

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I found that it shot great, although being so light and possibly a bit 'overgassed' it does have a bit more felt recoil than some other semi-autos and it has a fair bit of muzzle rise. I wish it wasn't a fixed choke so I could install a compensator to really take advantage of that fast cycling by helping to keep the muzzle on target. Although not actually my personal cup of tea, I feel like the forend should allow for mounting of rail sections and such. I mean, it *is* a "tactical" firearm, after all, so people will definitely want to mount lights and crap. I would have preferred QD sling swivel sockets instead of your old school studs.

Otherwise, this thing is smooth and fast and the quality is solid.

Nordic Components, Carlsons, and maybe a couple others make magazine tube extensions for bumping the capacity. Due to 922r import restrictions, Beretta can only ship these into the U.S. at this factory maximum capacity (which is 5+1 with most 2 3/4" shells and 4+1 with some 2.75" and all 3" shells).