Goodbye Bodybuilding…. Hello MY Lifestyle

Goodbye Bodybuilding.... Hello MY Lifestyle

Thank You Lady Leaders!!!! It was in developing Resolution Rescue and No Cover Up SUMMER That brought me closer to this Reality Check. You're the FIRST people to know (besides my husband who heard me practically hyperventilating today because letting go can be hard.... and my best friend)

But here you go.....

Sometimes you have to step back and stop fighting your inner urge to be extreme. When you start setting goals that don't align with your ideal self you are creating unneeded tension in your life.

I preach in my life and in my business to create a lifestyle that lasts. While doing my 8 week Female fatloss course I did just that and felt great!!!!! Very little tracking and followed a workout schedule I enjoyed.

As I was getting deeper into prep, I started to feel the need to add necessary restrictions to see more progress. This is normal for prep (bodybuilding) life. This caused so much anxiety, frustration, fear, mood shifts, major energy fluctuations and overall sadness for failing my ideal self!

I realized today that bodybuilding competitions may not be for me anymore and that I felt best just living my fat burning protocols, resting when I needed and adding in wkouts when I wanted too. No strict structure... Just following my guidelines.

I know without any doubt that I'll have my favorite body, happiness and health to date with no restrictions or anxiety of fitting into a mold. It's time for me to break free...
Im not scared at anymore... because when you feel good & live your own lifestyle the body follows, the mind is clear and your energy levels soars.

I used to say Bodybuilding was in my blood...
I was mistaken....
it was just a small piece of my heart so it hurt.... but I'll be better for this! It's time to follow my own lifestyle just like I had before prep.

It feels AMAZING to admit I no longer need a challenge to be my best. All I need is to do what I love and love what I do.
Goodbye Bodybuilding.... Hello Lady Leader Lifestyle 💖